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Washington Elementary March Recognition Assembly, Habit Six: Synergize or Together Is Better

Washington Elementary March Recognition Assembly, Habit Six: Synergize or Together Is Better

Students at Washington Elementary are Learning about the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Kids. In March, we were focusing on Habit 6: Synergize or Together Is Better.  Habit Six is about two or more people working together to produce more than they would be able to separately.

Teachers nominated one student, who exemplified Habit Six, from their classrooms for recognition at our assembly this week.

Mrs. Julie Gleason says Willow Larsen gets along well with everyone in the class.  She tries to listen to the other person and make a compromise that will create a better solution for everyone and not just herself.  Willow is a team player in Mrs. Gleason's kindergarten classroom and is willing to solve the problem before making the problem worse.  She always does MORE than what is asked of her and is a leader that shows “Together is Better.”

Mrs. Nicole Spalla tells us Brandon Brinkschroeder is a kindergarten student who has stepped up to being a leader in small group situations.  He has been helping other students in math related activities and has shown great listening and leading skills.  He listens to others as they share and then leads his group to problem solving solutions.  He has volunteered to help struggling students one- on- one. Brandon shows that working together can make a difference and cares about the end result of his group. Mrs. Spalla is very proud of Brandon and the gains he has made this year!

Mrs. Shawna Applegate shared that Tate Allen is a great first grade example of Synergizing. His friendly personality rallies his peers together on the playground and in the classroom. Tate compliments his friends and encourages them to work out their problems. Others have reported that Tate invites them to play basketball and be included in games. After school Tate recruits friends to help stack chairs to straighten up the classroom for Mr. Elliot, our custodian.  Thanks for encouraging your friends to work together as a team!

Mrs. Jamie Reifsteck  says Alex Lippincott can be counted on to work well with the others in his group.  He stays on task and synergizes to get the job done.  Alex knows that by working well with others he can get more done.  Thanks Alex for being a positive role model for your first grade classmates!

Mrs. Shelley Carter says Connor Lyons works well with his second grade classmates and is an encouraging part of group or team activities. He is humble and is accepting of other people’s ideas. He knows that by teaming with others we can often create better solutions than we can on our own. Connor is a worthy recipient of this month’s leadership award for Habit 6: Synergize or Together is Better.

Ms. Brianna Thornton shared that Tess Paton is a great second grade representative of Synergize! She is always willing to help out other students. She enjoys working with her peers in small groups and is a good leader. She listens to what other have to say and makes sure to compromise. Tess is very helpful and a great example of Habit 6: Together is Better.

Mrs. Mindy Hoskins  says Penelope Higdon is a great example of Habit 6 Synergize.  Nellie can be counted on to be a positive leader in partner or group work time.  She sticks to the task at hand and helps her third grade classmates find answers by leading gently and with a kind voice.  She enjoys helping others complete tasks and lending a hand whenever needed. Nellie knows that “together is better!”

Miss Lani Smith chose Jeremy Crile for the Habit 6 “Synergize” award. He is an awesome example of always helping others out. No matter what it is she knows she can count on Jeremy to take the time to explain and be patient with it. He is especially patient at helping out with one of his classmates. Miss Smith really appreciates Jeremy’s hard work and willingness to work together with others in the third grade classroom and out of the classroom.

From Mrs. Julie Hanshaw's fourth grade class, Alex Hetland receives the award for Habit 6 “Together is Better.”  Alex always cares about others and works hard in group situations.  He knows how to work well in a group and encourages each member.  Alex enjoys each task he is given and consistently does his best.  His smile and wonderful attitude contribute positively to every group project.  4H is a better place since Alex Hetland is in our class.

Mrs. Heather Buckley  told us Carly Ferrel does an excellent job working with her fourth grade classmates. Carly is a leader and encourages her peers to work together and get along. She is kind to all of her classmates, and a friend to all. Carly’s enthusiasm and personality are a joy to be around. Her hard work and willingness to help others is appreciated.

We are now working on Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw - Balance is Best.

Congratulations to all our award winners!  We are very proud of you!  Keep up the great work!

Pictured in the photo:

Front row:  Willow Larsen,  Brandon Brinkschroeder,  Tate Allen, Alex Lippincott
Back row:  Connor Lyons, Tess Paton, Penelope Higdon, Jeremy Crile, Carly Ferrel, Alex Hetland

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